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Thermostat Installation

The professionals at Quinnair can provide a free in-home estimate to upgrade your thermostat. Modern thermostats control more than just the temperature, and you can operate the thermostat directly from your mobile device. Choose between Taco, Heatlink, Honeywell, and Caleffi thermostats depending upon your needs. Taco thermostats contain controls that are preprogrammed and all-in-one. Heatlink thermostats offer semi-automatic and fully automatic options. Honeywell thermostats feature a full-color, high-definition display, simple programming, and a dependable system. Caleffi thermostats come in programmable and nonprogrammable options.

A/C Conditioner

We install window units, mini split systems, evaporative coolers, and central air conditioning systems. A central air conditioning system is the usual choice of most customers, and its installation involves three pieces. The outdoor compressor unit compresses refrigerant gas into a liquid and cools it. An evaporator coil takes heat out of the air with its aluminum coils and fins, and the furnace's blower motor circulates warm air over the evaporator coil and cool air into the home's interior.


To maintain performance and screen for problems, you should have your air conditioning system serviced each spring. You can also take steps to ensure your system runs consistently at peak performance. These steps include changing the filter of the furnace each month, keeping the sides and top of the outdoor condenser clear of debris, and keeping plants and shrubbery at least a foot away from the sides of the unit and at least five inches from the top. You also should not set the thermostat below 70 degrees because the A/C coil may freeze. We can provide a thorough annual cleaning of the condenser to help prevent future problems.