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Condo Complex in Arvada
posted December 8, 2015 in News for You by Tim

There is a Condo Complex in Arvada that had a gas line rupture. It was a long drawn-out process to replace the gas piping & wait for inspection for the gas service to be reinstated.

If you notice your neighbors making improvements in their unit, keep in mind that being the same means you'll be facing the same challenges, don't wait for your equipment to fail to make improvements, repairs or replacement. Contact Quinnair to schedule a service call, today!
How We've Helped in a Highlands Ranch Neighborhood
posted December 8, 2015 in News for You by Tim

There is a neighborhood in Highlands Ranch that all of the homes have Zoned Heating Systems & the Damper Motors installed during the neighborhood construction are failing. Our Service Manager has been able to diagnose the cause for the Controls failing and he's been able to help 3 of the neighborhood Homeowners so far. Contact Quinnair to have us inspect your A/C or Furnace so you can enjoy your home without the need to worry.
Voted Best of the Best in 2015
posted June 29, 2015 in News for You by Tim

We are happy to announce that readers of the Lakewood Sentinel have voted Quinnair Heating & Air Conditioning, the Best of the Best in 2015!
Furnace Malfunction
posted April 28, 2015 in News for You by Tim

Last week, a homeowner requested a Service Call because she was experiencing a furnace malfunction and it was constantly turning on & off (Short Cycling) and wasn't warming her home.

Before sending one of our highly trained technicians to her home, I had her check the furnace air filter. She reported that it was totally clogged. After replacing her filter, the furnace fired up and was working. The lack of air was causing her furnace to overheat & shut off.

Change your Air Filters monthly, even in the summer. It circulates warm air in the winter & your cooled air from the A/C!
Trane Spring Promotion – No Interest Until January 2020!
posted April 6, 2015 in News for You by Tim
Homeowner Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System
posted February 27, 2015 in News for You by Tim

Your air conditioning system is made up of 3 pieces of equipment; The Condenser is the outside unit, the Coil that is attached to your furnace & the furnace itself.

The most important thing you can do for your heating & cooling is to change your furnace filter once a month, every month. This will help keep your furnace & coil cleaner.

The outdoor Condenser needs to be kept clear on all sides and the top to allow for proper airflow and transfer of heat. Clear all debris, leaves & especially cottonwood fluff!

Use a regular hose to spray off the Condenser, spraying at an angle to the coils, so you don't bend them.

Use a Programmable Thermostat. It's much easier & cost effective to keep the inside temperature at a more even temp. Don't shut off the A/C when you're away. Only have a 6-7 degree difference in at home & away settings, it can take hours to cool down a house to a comfortable temperature

Never set your thermostat below 70 degrees, Air Conditioners aren't designed to run lower than 70 degrees in Colorado with our altitude & climate. Setting your temp lower than 70 you risk freezing the A/C Coil.

New Water Heater Efficiency Regulations
posted February 11, 2015 in News for You by Tim

New water heater efficiency regulations may cost you big bucks if you're thinking about buying a new water heater.“The new government mandates will force manufacturers of gas, electric or oil fired water heaters to increase their efficiency by April 2015,” That will undoubtedly increase their cost, but right now we don't know by how much.

One thing we do know is gas water heaters above 55 gallons will have to convert to a PVC flue. They won't be able to use a metal pipe anymore. The new piping can be expensive. That means homeowners face a decision on whether to get a new water heater or convert their old one.

If your water heater is over 10 years old, it's about time to change it. Contact Quinnair 7 days a week. You can also wait another year, but if you do, that newly manufactured water heater will have to meet those new, more costly standards.

One suggestion: buy what's on the market now, save some money and have it be good for another 10 years. You can also choose to upgrade to tankless! A tankless system will heat water on demand,When you open up a faucet, the unit kicks on and then heats water, it doesn't store water and constantly heat it, only when it's needed.

But it's important to know the cost of a tankless system can be up to eight times that of a conventional water heater, depending on your needs. Most tankless systems are $3,000 to $4,000 installed. But, sooner or later, a tankless system will pay for itself in saved utility costs.

Here's something else to consider, the new water heaters will most likely be bigger because of increased insulation. That means there's a chance they won't fit in the space where the old water heater was located.

Homeowners might have to move the bigger water heater to another part of the house, go tankless or purchase a smaller one with less capacity.

Save Energy and Money with a New Heating System
posted February 5, 2015 in News for You by Tim

Heating and cooling your home typically accounts for 50 percent of your energy bill. A new, high-efficiency natural gas furnace or boiler offers the biggest bang for your buck.

Xcel Energy's Heating System Rebate program is available to qualified customers. Once the upgrade is made, you'll save on your energy bills throughout the life of the equipment without compromising your comfort.

  • Rebates offset the initial cost of the equipment
  • High-efficiency equipment costs less to operate
  • These units use less energy to operate, and that's good for the environment
Do I need a new furnace or boiler?
  • Consider starting with a Home Energy Audit to see if upgrading your furnace or boiler is right for you.
  • A heating contractor can help you determine if you need a new furnace or boiler and help you determine the right size equipment for your home.
  • It's not just about efficiency. It's also about finding out if your heating system is safe, which an auditor or contractor can assess.
$100 Bonus ECM Rebate
We are offering a bonus $100 for your Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) when it's installed as part of your new furnace, and the rebate application is received, between November 15, 2014, and March 31, 2015.

Your Heating rebate can be as much as $320!
Interesting Facts about Humidification Systems
posted January 23, 2015 in News for You by Tim

If you're not sure how humidification systems can improve your comfort, read these interesting facts:

  • A lack of humidity can cause or increase snoring
  • Allergens and mold spores are more productive in a dry environment and can be easily inhaled
  • Asthma and allergies as well as eczema and other skin irritations can be adversely affected by dry air within the home
  • You can lower your thermostat settings and save on your utility bill when you're indoor air is properly humidified
  • Pets are more comfortable
  • Indoor plants thrive in a humidified space
  • Wood furniture and wooden instruments benefits from the proper amounts of humidity
  • Static electricity is decreased
    • Static electricity is not good for computers and other electronics
  • Your skin feels softer
  • Nosebleeds caused by dryness decrease
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